IST Sports Headquarters takes your safety seriously!

For those who have not visited IST since the Spring, you will see a lot of changes made for your health and safety.

Club Safety Protocols:

  • A significant investment in our HVAC system and HEPA filters to mitigate possible airborne transmission of the virus droplets as recommended to us by our air quality experts.

  • Daily Facility cleaning with Rainbow international

  • Integration of an additional entrance for small group and team training

    • Traffic flow/pattern will be altered to ensure foot traffic is spread out and in a uniform direction

  • No congregating in the lobby

  • PPE stations including extra hand sanitizer, masks

  • Parent drop off and pick up

In an effort to minimize risk for all of our members we are politely requiring the following when entering + exiting our facility

  • Sanitize hands immediately
  • Athletes wear face masks
  • Social distance(6ft) when possible
  • Wash hands after coughing sneezing, or touching face
  • Sanitize hands + exit facility promptly after programs
  • No Sharing equipment, No Food, Drink, Gum, Seeds etc