2023 FALL BASEBALL CLINICS                                           




Dear Parents,

It goes without saying that the better a player is at a sport, the more likely he or she is going to enjoy it.  There's nothing like making a great play in the field or getting a good hit or pitching really well to make a child feel good about themselves.  To that end, Westport Little League, in conjunction with IST Baseball Headquarters, introduced a baseball curriculum several years ago.  The idea behind this curriculum is to try to make sure that every player at a given age level has mastered certain skills appropriate for their age.  At the beginning of each baseball season, we will introduce all coaches to the curriculum and give them a set of drills they can use with their team in order to help players master the skills appropriate for their age.

In addition to introducing the skills through the coaches at practices, IST Baseball Headquarters will be offering an 7 week after school skills clinic this Fall for players in the kindergarten through 5th grade years.  These clinics will be held at Coleytown Elementary School, Greens Farms Elementary School, Kings Highway Elementary School, Saugatuck Elementary School, and Long Lots Elementary School. Each week registered elementary school players will be picked up at their school's designated indoor pick-up location at dismissal by I.S.T.’s Staff. The players will then be walked out to the adjacent fields where the clinic will be conducted.  Players will be fully supervised at all times by multiple instructors For more details on this process and the program as a whole, or to customize an after school program that fits your schedule please email I.S.T./Glenn Katz at istkatz22@yahoo.com. 


Monday-September 11,18 October 2,9,16,23,30

Tuesday-September 12,19,26 October 3,10,17,24

Wednesday- September 13,20,27 October 4,11 (parent drop off),18,25

Thursday- September 14,21,28 October 5,12,19,26

Cost: $305 registration links are below

IST Sports headquarters popular after school pro baseball clinics provide an exciting opportunity for players to supplement FALL practices and games with additional professional coaching.

Programs time is dismissal to 445PM

Each player will receive relevant instruction based on age and skill. Players will be broken into small groups and be expected to participate in hitting, fielding, pitching, throwing, base-running stations and instructional games throughout the 8 week program.

Families will be notified of a weather related cancelation by email and the website will be updated on days with inclement weather. Cancelled sessions due to rain are made up by adding time onto future clinics or a day onto the end of the program. Players only need their baseball gloves and are welcome to bring all of their equipment

Coleytown Monday    CLICK TO REGISTER              
Greens Farms Tuesday     CLICK TO REGISTER

Kings Highway/Saugatuck Wednesday     CLICK TO REGISTER

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                              Long Lots Thursday    CLICK TO REGISTER