I.S.T.’s NBA-style Basketball Clinics with Fairfield County Legendary Coach Mike Garrity
We teach kids how to shoot, dribble, drive, defend and score like a pro. I.S.T’s basketball program is overseen by Coach Mike Garrity. He provides a fun and instructive environment whether you’re just starting out or on track for the Varsity team and beyond. Clinics are held at Greens Farms Academy, during the summer, at Compo Beach in Westport. Clinics are open to kids throughout the area.

On-Court Action
Coach Mike's basketball "GAME PLAY" clinics allow players to make enormous strides quickly. Players experience competition in a structured environment to develop on-court awareness, strategy and focus.

The Five Tools for Basketball Success
Mastering I.S.T.’s five basketball performance skills gets results. Kids at all levels benefit from learning and practicing these fundamentals:

Ball handling
Integrated Sports Training: Basketball
I.S.T.’s unique approach incorporates fitness while learning the fundamentals or perfecting specific skills. To become an elite basketball player, you must combine technique, speed, strength and power. Conditioning is an essential part of any basketball player’s repertoire and at I.S.T., you become better prepared to compete all-season long.

Private Lessons, Clinics, Workshops and Special Events
Private instruction, taught by Coach Mike, available 7 days a week, year-round.

Each session can be customized to specific needs. Lessons focus on pitching, catching, hitting, fielding or fitness; or any combination.

Private lessons are $55/ 1/2hr, $75 / 45minutes, $90/hr

Clinics, workshops and special events are held throughout the year, geared to a variety of levels and ages. Clinics are held in fall, winter, spring and summer.  Click here for current programs

Call 203-855-9213 or email with any questions and we will contact you within 24hrs.

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