2014 Current Kids Sports Zone Classes

CLASSES & TIMES for 5 year-olds
Advanced Mighty Sluggers for 5 year-olds
Monday            November 18-Feb.24*                              2:00-3:00
Monday            November 18-Feb.24*                             4:30-5:15
Friday               November 22-Feb.28*                             3:45-4:45
Friday               November 22-Feb.28*                             4:00-5:00
*see below for no class days
CLASSES & TIMES for 3-4.5 year-olds
Mighty Sluggers  
Monday               November 18-Feb.24*                  1:45-2:30
Monday               November 18-Feb.24*                  4:15-5:00  
Tuesday              November 19-Feb.25*                  10:30-11:15        
Tuesday              November 19-Feb.25*                  1:45-2:30   
Wednesday        November 20-Feb.26*                  1:45-2:30    
Wednesday        November 20-Feb.26*                  2:00-2:45   
Thursday            November 21-Feb.27*                  10:30-11:15 
Thursday           November 21-Feb.27*                  1:45-2:30    
Thursday            November 21-Feb.27*                  3:15-4:00     
Friday                 November 22-Feb.28*                   1:30-2:15    
*see below for no class days
If you don’t see a day or time that fits your schedule then please email me and we can start a new class!!
CLASSES & TIMES for 19 mo. - 2.5 year-olds
Itty Bitty Sluggers
Monday               November 18-Feb.24                          10:00-10:30
Tuesday              November 18-Feb.24                    10:00-10:30 Wednesday         November 18-Feb.24                     10:00-10:30    
**Class will not be held on**
Nov.27-29, Dec.23-Jan 1, Jan. 20, Feb. 17-21
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To pay by credit card, please call 203-745-0279 
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Mail to:  75 Girard Ave – New Haven, CT 06512
RELEASE:  In case of emergency and I cannot be reached, I authorize the staff of I.S.T & Growing Tree Yoga, LLC to obtain whatever medical treatment deemed necessary for the welfare of my child.  I further understand and agree that I will be responsible for all charges and fees incurred in the rendering of said emergency treatment, regardless of whether or not my medical insurance would cover such charges and fees.  I hereby give my consent to my child’s participation in the activities of I.S.T & Growing Tree Yoga, LLC, and hereby absolve, release, and hold harmless I.S.T. & Growing Tree Yoga, LLC and all of its officers, directors, agents, representatives, attorneys, employees, owners, successors, assigns and other affiliates from any and all liability for any injuries or damages that  my child may suffer in connection with the activities sponsored by I.S.T. & Growing Tree Yoga, LLC or in which my child may participate. Signature: _________________________________   Date: ________________