Work Out Like a Professional Athlete
posted 04/28/2013

Integrated Fitness Training For All Ages and Levels Including Adults
Technique Fitness = Elite Athlete

At I.S.T. you train with former professional athletes and certified fitness instructors. Our fitness program is based on how MLB, NFL and NBA athletes train. Adults gain that competitive edge for general fitness, improved health, playing in local sports leagues and for weekend tournaments. Kids improve on-field performance by integrating technique, speed, strength and power.


Customized Programs
We develop athletes’ ages 7 years old and up. Our strength and conditioning programs include:
  • Coordination, strength, speed, and power training
  • Agility, and Running Mechanics
  • Core Stability, Balance, and Injury Prevention
  • Flexibility
  • Range of Motion
  • Proper Rest and Active Recuperation
  • Cardiovascular Endurance and Stamina
Not Just a Physical Approach
Today’s athletes must be better prepared mentally for situations on and off the field, from high pressure competitive situations, to adapting to new strategies, injuries and media interviews, I.S.T.’s certified sports psychologists and nutritionists get athletes ready to compete. We provide customized programs that address:
  • Mental Focus and Game-Day Preparation
  • Body Composition & Supplements
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Media Training
Private Lessons, Clinics, Workshops and Special Events
Private Workouts are conducted by former professional athletes and certified instructors—available 7 days a week, year-round. Each session can be customized to specific needs. Lessons focus on general fitness . . . ; or any combination. Two-person work-outs are also available.

Individual: $60/ 1/2hr, $90 / 45minutes, $125/hr
Two-person: $70/hr per person

8-week clinics, workshops and special events are held throughout the year, geared to a variety of levels and ages. Click here for the latest schedule, descriptions and rates.

Call 203-855-9213 or email with your request and a professional coach will contact you within 24hrs to set up your first training session.

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