1 on 1Personal Training: My objective as a personal trainer is to educate and motivate.  I address “the big picture”, and “a balanced life” approach – you can’t get in shape in a day. What will work best for their needs to keep them consistent with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Group personal Training:

If you want to lose weight and get into great shape take it to the next level with the guidance of a certified professional trainer. Classes provide smaller, intimate class sizes with more individualized attention. Your personal trainer will lead your group to coach you through exercises on everything from bikes, TRX suspension system, cable system, dumbbells, functional training, core and more. Draw from the energy of your group as you push yourself for real results.

Focus areas: Speed and agility, functional, Exercise therapy and Rehabilitation, Strength Training and fat loss, Sport specific training

I.S.T. BOOT CAMP An intense boot camp style class incorporating high and low movements, plyometrics, and elements from functional training program perfect for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Prepare to sweat and push yourself to the next level!

Email: Glenn Katz istkatz22@yahoo.com