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IST Sports Headquarters SPRING Customized after school/backyard private sports camps and clinics

We will tailor camp to include a combination of multiple activities including everyones favorite sports skills development, game play and the most popular gym games outlined below.

Utilizing our Pro Staff IST Sports Headquarters is excited to offer a unique customized after school sports programs or private property Spring Camp/Clinic program that brings our amazing sports camp experience to you! One-on-One and group options. Sessions can be customized to meet your needs!

Options include

  • Weekly sports skills development clinics including basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and football skills development and game play and NEW age appropriate Gym Game options (listed below). Sessions can include any combo of sports development and gym games and clinic duration is flexible. They can 1X to 5X per week.
  • Day Camps are options where programs run days/times you choose and are tailored to include the sports that your children would like to participate in plus exciting age appropriate gym games.
  • GYM games grades K-3 include: Sharks and Minnows, Clean out the backyard, Crazy Hoops, Circle Run, Aliens and Astronauts, Team Freeze tag, Group Juggle, Simon Says and More!
  • GYM games grades 4-8 include:Soccer Home Run Derby, Ultimate Frisbee, Nukem, Frisbee Golf, Monarch Ball, Steal the Bacon, HORSE, Around the World, Knockout, Wiffle Ball, Pickle, 4 Square, Keep it up (volleyball) and more!


  • Private lesson $150/hr
  • Buddy lesson $70 per player per hour
  • 3 Player Group $60 per player per hour
  • 4-6 Player Group $50 per player per hour
  • Two Hour option would be $40/hr per player for 4 players or more
  • Monday through Friday weekly camps would be $40/hr/Player- $400/player for 10hours per week with a minimum of 4 players

Email Glenn Katz at istkatz22@yahoo.com to coordinate in-home sports camps/clinics or private sports training.