Specialize in hitting, fielding, throwing, pitching and sports specific strength training


Athletes of all ages will improve every aspect of the baseball hitting and pitching technique including
  • Proper use of hips and lower body,
  • A natural swing tailored to put the plane of the swing on the same plane as the pitch,
  • A short stride to the ball,
  • Dynamic balance from stance to follow through,
  • Optimized swing bat "speed", bat "quickness", and power,
  • Minimized head movement,
  • The ability to hit to all field with power,
  • Increased confidence-building gained from learning and applying the proper technique and mechanics.
  • Grip and Pitch Selection
  • Wind up and Stretch Mechanics
  • Balance, Stride and proper arm angle
  • Accuracy
  • Pick off moves

  Glenn Katz, President, I.S.T. Sports Headquarters

Glenn is President of  “I.S.T. Baseball Headquarters”, a full service professional baseball instruction and sports specific strength-training academy. He is a Certified Professional Strength Training Consultant with the “American Fitness Professionals & Associates” organization.

Drafted and signed by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the 1999 June Amateur draft, Glenn is a two-year letter-winner with the University of Connecticut baseball team, earning All Big-East, All North East, and All New England Honors.
  Guy Thoesen

Guy is a full time Baseball and Softball Instructor. he has been teaching for the past 20 years.  He also has been a Legion and select coach for all ages.  Guy played for four years in the Philadelphia Phillies organization.  Guy also does recruiting and college videos. He works with kids year round doing various camps and clinics.
  Ian Thoesen - Philadelphia Phillies

Ian is a full time Baseball and Softball Instructor.  He has been teaching for the past 12 years and is currently coaching High School and is the Head coach for the Wilton Post 86 American legion ages 19-under (wood bat league).  He played professionally in the Northern league for three years.  He attended college at nationally ranked Georgia College and won a national championship for NCTC, where he was also an All-American.  Ian teaches all facets of the game, hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding.  He also does college recruiting and college videos.  He works with kids years round doing various camps and clinics.
 Kevin Morton - Boston Red Sox

Kevin played in the Major Leagues with the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher. He Has 10 years experience instructing players of all ages.

  •  Seton Hall University Graduate
  •  Two Time Division 1 Baseball All-American
  •  Cape Cod League All Star
  •  1st Round Draft Pick by Boston Red Sox (2nd Left Handed pitcher taken in the nation)
  •  Played 10 plus seasons od professional baseball with affiliated MLB teams
  •  Major League Players Alumni Association Member.



Liam Ohlmann was a professional pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewers organization and specializes in pitching skillsd development.
Liam specialized in pitching skillsd development and training for all ages

  Josh Genovese

Josh is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2001. In 2002 he started Athletic Synergy LLC and is a full time trainer.

  • For the past ten years he has coached and trained numerous college, high school and athletes as young as 9. In addition he also works with adult clients of all different backgrounds.
  • Coached Ice Hockey and Baseball at the High school and Youth levels.
  • Played Hockey and Baseball at Southern New Hampshire University (formerly NH College)
  • Was a three sport athlete in High school (Soccer, Hockey, and Baseball)

  Wayne Randazzo

  •   10 years of professional teaching experience
  •   Full-time I.S.T. professional hitting and pitching instructor
  •   Bridgeport University- 2000-2001 Hitting and Outfield Coach
  •   Norwalk High School Varsity Pitching Coach 1990 – 1999
  •   Sacred Heart Baseball: 1984 – 1998


Jeff Slane- Founder, The Northeast Pitching and Velocity Development Program, Elite Baseball and Multi Sport Coach

  • Created Northeast Pitching and Velocity Development program. Program participants have had tremendous success increasing velocity and durability during the off-season with our training protocols.  Over the last two off-seasons, one player jumped from 86 mph to 93 mph and another jumped from 79 mph to 88 mph.  Another who began the program two seasons ago with a 79 mph fastball threw an impressive 96 mph in one of our drills during his second off-season of NPVD training. Athletes who participate in the program with Jeff Slane can expect to see improvement in the following areas:

    VELOCITY (many athletes see 3-to-4 MPH gains in 3-4 weeks)

    PITCH LIFE (sharper, later movement)

    RECOVERY TIME (time required to return to 100%)

    INJURY PREVENTION (pre-hab and care of the arm)