Welcome to Tots and Play Camp 2016 at Bury Hill Beach, Westport CT

This exciting and action-packed camp is located at Burying Hill Beach.  This summer, we’re offering NEW activities, special guests, and will have access to an I.S.T. Sports Headquarters in case of inclement weather. 

Campers will be introduced to different sports and activities, play games, participate in arts & crafts, and more! Each week focuses on a fun theme, which will connect the activities and arts & crafts for that week. Our structured, action-packed program allows plenty of room for creative individuality & varying ability levels in a non-competitive environment.      

Registration Procedure
CLICK HERE to go to registration page

3-5 year-olds can register through Westport Parks & Rec beginning March 9th. Look for TOT’N’PLAY

  • Spaces fill up quickly please email me if you get put on the wait list.  KidsSportsZone@gmail.com
  • **Please Note**if your child turns 5 during the summer then you will have to sign up directly through Kids Sports Zone. KidsSportsZone@gmail.com
  • Cost per week $235, Non Residents welcome.

Week 1:  Having a Ball – JUNE 6
This week’s theme of “Let’s Have a Ball” is about having fun while learning new sport skills.
  We will explore a variety of sport skills this week – throwing & catching, batting, and more.

Week 2:  Going for the Gold – JUNE 13
This week’s theme of “Going for the Gold” is about having fun and trying your best.
  We will learn how to zig zag, jump, skip, gallop, and run as we explore obstacle courses and fun games.   

Week 3:  Treasure Hunters – JUNE 20
This week’s theme is about exploring, finding, and being creative.
  We will run and hide, dig, and use our imaginations to explore our surroundings.

Week 4:  Red, White, & Blue – JUNE 27
This week’s theme we will celebrate our independence.
  We will play with stomp rockets, water balloons, and make ships to sail on the water.

Week 5:  Superheroes – JULY 5
This week’s theme of “Superheroes” is about pretending.
  Using their imaginations to be "superstrong," "superbig," and "superfast" can help children feel powerful, develop pretending skills and, in some cases, solve problems. We will learn about all kinds of sport heroes, superheroes, as well as everyday heroes.

Week 6:  Exploring & Investigating – JULY 11
This week’s theme is about traveling the world and exploring the different sports on each continent.  Children love trying new adventures.  We will explore Badminton, Tai Chi, Soccer, Baseball, Football, and more.

Week 7:  All-Stars – JULY 18
This week’s theme of “All-Stars” is about learning that we are all special.  We all will have a chance to be stars this week. Trying new games and trying your best will be emphasized.

Registration for Weeks 8 through 12 handled directly by Sara Holland at KidsSportsZone@gmail.com

All things fun about summer; safety water balloons, building sand castles, fishing, and we will bring out the basketballs this week.  We will learn how to dribble, shoot, and pass.

Week 9: Back Yard Fun - AUGUST 3
We will learn all kinds of backyard games, like bocce ball, whiffle ball, kick ball, bean bag toss games, and a Swedish Game called Kubb. 

Week 10: Ocean Odyssey - AUGUST 10

Week 11:  Super Summer Games - AUGUST 17

Think Olympics! We will have a blast leanring about relay races, obstacle courses, and sport games.

Week 12: Ready, Set, Go! - August 24
Enjoying the last days of summer camp! Kids will participate in their participate in their favorite activities, baseball, fishing, soccer, basketball, and more.